Experience GUTTERFIRE!

High Energy Armageddon Hard Rock

Az: Guitar, Dudeman: Guitar, Photon Jon: Vocals, X-Man: Bass, Clay-Bo: Drums.

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"Upbeat doom" is a difficult term to use in a sentence, but it's the kind of enthusiastic punter description that Brisbane hard rock outfit GUTTERFIRE! have in spades, given the diverse sonic beast they've built on top of that foundation. Having kicked off as a band in 2018 to a lightning fast rise in the local scene and an even bigger 2019, they've survived the year that never happened and have set their sights on the rest of the world as we know it! With 5 singles already out, a debut album with multiple new singles ready to go, tours in the works, and a powerful desire to take this show to the people, 2021 is set to be their best year yet.



Brisbane, Australia

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